Investment Strategies

Key Investment Strategies

We believe in directly managing client portfolios. We employee two principal investment strategies.

Josh Manages the Multi-Cap Liquid Focus Strategy

  • Goal: Tax-efficient total return with market risk
  • Multi-Cap: While the strategy tends to tilt towards more extensive capitalization stocks, it has the freedom to pursue opportunities across market caps
  • Liquid: Liquidity (the amount a stock trades daily) mitigates risk and lowers transaction costs. This strategy only invests in the most liquid stocks
  • Focus: High conviction investments are sized more significant in the portfolio
  • Growth: A higher allocation to growth stocks as opposed to low growth stocks
  • Thematic: Most positions are part of a secular theme
  • Sector Tilt: Overweight Technology and Consumer Discretionary

Judd Manages the Family Endowment Strategy

  • Goal: Tax-efficient total return with moderate risk and current income
  • Based on the traditional “60/40” approach of 60% equities and 40% bonds
  • Employs a mix of equities, with quantitative strategies, to create a synthetic alternative to the traditional “60/40” which is now hampered by low-interest rates
  • Targeted market exposure of 40 – 70% of the S&P 500
  • Single Stock Concentration: Low
  • Liquidity: High
  • Sector Tilt: Overweight Utilities, Consumer Staples